Spring 2014

With the return of spring and the long up-side of Berkeley weather we are again spending copious hours in the garden, particularly on weekends when the whole family is at home together.

Willow is walking confidently, navigating stairs cautiously & loves the garden slide.


We built a few additional rock walls in the garden & leveled the “meadow” resulting in a truly useful patch of soft grass in our steep front yard. This enables lazy weekend picnics, lying on a rug staring at the clouds or fun races & games.

Though still predominantly incomprehensible, Willow continues to increase the sophistication of her vocalizations. Talking would be a generous description, but there are plenty of words attempted in her lengthening sentences & she conveys her intentions with relative ease using a mix of sign language, squealing & throwing of food. She’s napping ~1-2hrs after lunch but otherwise sleeps 7-7 like her two big sisters.

Easter was a wonderful occasion this year. All three girls were foraging for hidden treasures in the garden, and Zara was particularly stoked the easter bunny left a special treat in return for the thank-you note carefully placed amongst the oregano the night prior.


A month ago Zoe started a new job with Apple. This involves a regular commute ~ 90 minutes to Cupertino. It’s a contract position & the hours are variable but the work isn’t taxing & she’s enjoying a low-stakes intro to the organization. I’ve assumed the balance of color-science duties at Pixar, am representing the studio amongst international standards bodies & finding myself traveling to LA about once each month. I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks in Europe during September (Berlin/Amsterdam), perhaps a week in Boston & another in Vancouver if the timing works out with family.

We also have a pair of newcomers to the household. Yet-to-be-named he-cat & she-cat adopted from the local shelter last weekend.


They’re settling into their new home comfortably and enjoying each other’s company.
Video evidence here.


happy new year

Happy new year! I wish I had something insightful, poignant or cathartic to scribe but this missive will revolve around little more than our consuming, domestic routine.

As we conclude Winter break & look back on 2013 I feel so thankful for another wonderful year in Berkeley. We welcomed our little miracle Willow. Zara transitioned boldly into Kindergarten and Beatrix nailed her first trip to Australia with mum & baby sister.


All three girls continue to humble me daily. My parental naiveté is ever so slightly reduced as our youngest, Willow approaches her first birthday. I remember well my novice pre-parent days when the questions of nature vs nurture promised years of fascinating discovery. Now I submit readily to each of the girls’ respective personalities, recognizing how powerful those innate forces are from birth & my relative impotence to reshape same.

I’m still bicycling the two elder girls to their respective schools, detouring a luxurious hour each morning before arriving at the office. Next week Willow will join Beatrix at Pixar’s daycare when Zoe returns to full-time work in San Francisco and I’ll forego my commute exercise/excuse.

Though I’m hoping to ride all three girls on the bike eventually, in the short term I’ll likely drive them to school each morning in order to return home swiftly in the evening to wrangle the dinner/bath/bed routine while Zoe is in transit back across the bay.


Christmas was simple, quiet & homely. Zara & Beatrix decorated our live tree, brought ornaments they’d created at school and eagerly counted down the days until presents were opened on Christmas day.


A happy & fulfilling 2014 to you & your family from ours.
Dom, Zoe, Zara, Beatrix & Willow